St Paul’s Church Music Studio

Saint Paul's Studio Wide View
Staverton, Wiltshire, BA14 6PE

Come and rehearse or record in a quiet and beautiful Wiltshire church, within easy reach of the M4, A36 and A350.

The church is available for day hire to musicians for recording and filming projects, or as a rehearsal space. Because it is also Malcolm’s home, it has excellent facilities.

It is ideal for solo singers, instrumentalists, small vocal or chamber ensembles. The building has a lovely acoustic and a quiet environment.

Recent recording projects have included:

Saint Paul's Studio Recording Setup

Malcolm Archer recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations , featuring the Alan Gotto harpsichord, for Convivium Records

Oxford Bach Soloists (Bach Cantata No. 158)

An audition video for a London professional soprano

Video production for Convivium Records

Malcolm’s church is a sanctuary for chamber music-making. Its quiet location and crystal clear acoustic make it perfect for recording, and the beautifully restored architecture adds much to the visual experience on film. The fine panoply of keyboard instruments on offer (including a small house organ) makes it an irresistible choice for historically informed performance.” Tom Hammond-Davies, Oxford Bach Soloists

“Back to Bach” – Oxford Bach Soloists – Recorded in St Paul’s Church Music Studio

Featured Studio Instruments

A lovely 1984 Steinway Model D concert grand piano, recently restored. This instrument is superb and in top playing condition. It is ideal for solo piano recordings, solo vocal and instrumental accompaniment and chamber music.

1984 Steinway Model D Grand Piano

Alan Gotto two manual harpsichord (copy of a 1728 Christian Zell instrument in Hamburg). Available at either A415 or A440 pitch with a temperament of your choice.

Saint Paul's Studio Alan Gotto Harpsichord

Robert Deegan two manual harpsichord (copy of the Geormans/Taskin instrument in the Russell Collection in Edinburgh). Available at either A415 or A440 pitch with a temperament of your choice.

Saint Paul's Studio Robert Deegan Harpsichord

1780 English harpsichord, anonymous. Available at A415 or A440 pitch with a temperament of your choice.

Saint Paul's Studio 1780 English Harpsichord

Peter Collins chamber organ (formerly owned by Sir Charles Mackerras and Leslie Pearson).

Saint Paul's Studio Peter Collins Chamber Organ

Available at either A415 or A440 pitch with a temperament of your choice.

Vincent Woodstock two manual organ (in the organ gallery)

Saint Paul's Studio Vincent Woodstock Organ

Manual 1: 8’ chimney flute, 4’ Principal, 2’ Fifteenth
Manual 2: 8’ Stopped diapason, 4’ flute, nazard
Pedal: 8’ bass flute, 16’ bourdon
Sw/Gt, Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped

Tuned to A440 with equal temperament.

Site facilities include two bathrooms and a well fitted kitchen. Drinks and light lunches can be supplied to those hiring the space.


£350 per day which includes use of instrument/instruments

Harpsichord tuning can be provided within the fee

Piano tuning is extra.

St. Paul’s Church was built in 1826 on the site of a former medieval church. It is situated well off the road and overlooking the River Avon. The church has its own parking facilities for up to three vehicles close to the church. The pulpit, still in the church, was preached from on several occasions by Rev George Crabbe, author of Peter Grimes. The church is now owned by Malcolm who has converted it into his home, a unique space for his collection of instruments, and a quality recording and rehearsal venue.

To enquire about hiring St. Paul’s Church Music Studio:

Contact Malcolm Archer directly, using this online form: