YouTube Performances from Malcolm

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With his new YouTube channel now up and running, we aim to turn the spotlight on Malcolm’s prowess as a pianist, with videos, recorded and edited by Robert Ruutel, in Malcolm’s Studio, at home in Wiltshire.

As a taster, here is Sir Edward Elgar’s iconic Chanson de Matin, originally written for violin and piano, but here transcribed for piano solo:

Commission a New Choral or Organ Work?

Would you like a new choral work specially composed for your choir, or organ work for your organist? Malcolm is accepting commissions for new anthems, introits, carols, masses and organ works. This could be a perfect way to celebrate the church anniversary or special anniversary of a beloved choir member.

The work can be tailored to your own choral resources and your own budget. Please get in touch via the contact form if you would like to discuss further.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

New Arrival!

A lovely 1984 Steinway Model D concert grand piano, recently restored, is now centre-stage in the studio. This instrument is superb and in top playing condition. It is ideal for solo piano recordings, solo vocal and instrumental accompaniment and chamber music.

This newly-arrived Steinway replaces the previous Model B Steinway, which has now departed for pastures-new…

1984 Steinway Model D Grand Piano

St Paul’s Church Music Studio

Malcolm’s newly renovated church home in Staverton, Wilts, is now available for hire as a recording or rehearsal venue, along with a range of unique and historic keyboard instruments which may be used as part of any hire arrangement.

For further information about this new and exciting venture, please click HERE, or use the STUDIO item in the main site menu.

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Malcolm writes…

This weekend I recorded Bach’s Goldberg Variations in my Wiltshire church, using my harpsichord by Alan Gotto, a copy of an instrument by Christian Zell built in 1728 and now in a museum in Hamburg. It all went very well and it was tremendously satisfying to be able to record this great work after all the preparation. I am very grateful to George Richford (producer) Adaq Khan (sound engineer) and Adrian Green (executive producer of Convivium Records) for their support and hard work. I am also grateful to all those who contributed through Crowdfunding UK towards the costs of the project. The recording will be released in the Spring of 2021 and I hope that those who hear it will enjoy the performance.

Gotto Harpsichord

Incidentally, the pulpit behind the harpsichord was preached in on several occasions by the English poet and priest, Rev George Crabbe, of Peter Grimes fame…

Bach: Goldberg Variations

In October 2020 Malcolm is planning to record Bach’s Goldberg Variations for Convivium Records.  This is a very exciting project and has been a long time in planning and practising.  Malcolm has always felt a great affinity for this masterpiece of the keyboard repertoire and is looking forward hugely to the recording which will take place in the converted church where he lives where he will play on his own Alan Gotto harpsichord.

Goldberg Variations

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