Malcolm writes…

This weekend I recorded Bach’s Goldberg Variations in my Wiltshire church, using my harpsichord by Alan Gotto, a copy of an instrument by Christian Zell built in 1728 and now in a museum in Hamburg. It all went very well and it was tremendously satisfying to be able to record this great work after all the preparation. I am very grateful to George Richford (producer) Adaq Khan (sound engineer) and Adrian Green (executive producer of Convivium Records) for their support and hard work. I am also grateful to all those who contributed through Crowdfunding UK towards the costs of the project. The recording will be released in the Spring of 2021 and I hope that those who hear it will enjoy the performance.

Gotto Harpsichord

Incidentally, the pulpit behind the harpsichord was preached in on several occasions by the English poet and priest, Rev George Crabbe, of Peter Grimes fameā€¦

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