Malcolm Archer composing
© Robert Ruutel

Malcolm’s catalogue of original compositions is ever growing. Listed here are a few of his most outstanding works.

Samples of selected pieces may be downloaded from this page using the links as shown.

NB – The files are in Portable Document Format (.pdf), and require Adobe Reader or similar on your system.

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Sacred Music

Requiem (Kevin Mayhew Ltd – Orchestral parts available from the composer) (»Sample)
Love Unknown (Kevin Mayhew Ltd)
Suite for Organ (Kevin Mayhew)
Little Suite for Organ (Incorporated Association of Organists, available from Allegro Music)
The Chichester Service (Kevin Mayhew)
The Wells Service (RSCM Publications) (»Magnificat sample) (»Nunc Dimittis sample)
The Four Cathedrals Service (Kevin Mayhew)
The Berkshire Service (RSCM Publications) (»Magnificat sample) (»Nunc Dimittis sample)
The Clifton Service (available from the composer)
The St. Mark’s Setting (Eucharist) (Kevin Mayhew) (»Sample)
The St. Albans Setting (Eucharist) (Kevin Mayhew)
The Losinga Mass (Kevin Mayhew)
The Mass of the Crib (Kevin Mayhew)
The English Folk Song Mass (St. James Music Press, USA)
The Sewanee Setting (St. James Music Press)
Missa Brevis  (Epiphany Music Press, available from RSCM)
Missa Omnes Sancti (Epiphany Music Press, available from the RSCM)
Missa Montis Regalis (RSCM) (Kyrie »Sample)
Te Deum (Kevin Mayhew Ltd)
Jubilate Deo (Kevin Mayhew)
Benedicite Commissioned by the Southern Cathedrals Festival  (Cathedral Music) (»Sample)
A Carol Sequence 9 carols for upper voices and piano  (available from the composer)

Four Anthems for mixed voices (Kevin Mayhew)
Five Wesley Anthems (Kevin Mayhew)
After the Last Verse (organ improvisations based on hymns) (Kevin Mayhew)
The Anthems of Malcolm Archer (Kevin Mayhew)
Prayer of Richard of Chichester (RSCM) (»Sample)
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost  (RSCM)  2 part upper voice (»Sample)
Grow in grace (RSCM) (»Sample)
The River of the Water of Life (OUP) (»Sample)
My God, My God Look Upon Me (OUP)
Judge Eternal, Throned in Splendour (Kevin Mayhew) (»Sample)
Rejoice the Lord is King (Kevin Mayhew) (»Sample)
My Song is Love Unknown (RSCM)
Who Would True Valour See (RSCM Publications) (»Sample)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Kevin Mayhew) (»Sample)
Hosanna to the Son of David (Hinshaw)
The Lord’s Prayer (Hinshaw)
Author of Life Divine (Kevin Mayhew)
Pie Jesu (from Requiem) (Kevin Mayhew) (»Sample)
Bread of the World (Kevin Mayhew) (»Sample)
The Desert Shall Rejoice (St James’s Music Press)
Eternal Light, Shine into Our Hearts (OUP) (»Sample)
Abide With Me (St James Music Press)
Would You Know Your Lord’s Meaning in This (commissioned by the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy)  (Epiphany Music Press, available from the RSCM)
In War, Resolution  (available from the composer)
Preces and Responses for Upper Voices, Set 1 (Novello)
Preces and Responses for Upper Voices and Organ, Set 2 (RSCM)
Angelus (Commissioned by the Southern Cathedrals Festival) for 3 choirs  (available from the composer)
Angels, from the Realms of Glory (OUP) (»Sample) (»Listen)
Rejoice and be Merry (OUP) (»Sample)

Three Psalms of David (available from the composer)
The Coming of the Kingdom (available from the composer)
The Garden of Love (available from the composer)
Veni Creator (available from the composer)
A Carol Sequence SSA (available from the composer)

The Carols of Malcolm Archer (Kevin Mayhew)
People Look East (OUP) (»Sample)
A Child is Born in Bethlehem (OUP)
A Little Child There Is Yborn (OUP) (»Listen)
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (OUP) (»Sample)(»Listen)
Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree (OUP) (»Sample)(»Listen)
Make We Joy Now in this Fest (OUP)(»Listen)
O Magnum Mysterium (RSCM)
The Shepherd and the Angel (Hinshaw Music)
In the Bleak Midwinter (Hinshaw)
Mary Had a Baby (Kevin Mayhew)
Where Do Christmas Songs Begin? (Hinshaw)
Sing, Sing the Blessed Morn (Hinshaw)
I Sing of a Maiden (Kevin Mayhew)
Little Lamb,  Who Made Thee (Kevin Mayhew)
The Virgin’s Cradle Song (Kevin Mayhew)
There Is No Rose (Kevin Mayhew)
Love Came Down at Christmas (Kevin Mayhew)
Child of Mary, Softly Sleeping (OUP) (»Sample)(»Listen)
This Endris Night (OUP) (»Sample)(»Listen)
When Christ was born of Mary free (OUP) (»Listen)
Infant Holy (OUP) (»Listen)
A Virgin Most Pure (OUP) (»Listen)

Walter and the Pigeons (Josef Weinberger)
Mr Jones (available from the composer)
Rob Goblin (available from the composer)


Carols Old and New (Mayhew) Jointly edited with Dr Alan Ridout
Advent for Choirs (OUP)  Jointly edited with Stephen Cleobury
Epiphany to All Saints for Choirs (OUP) Jointly edited with John Scott